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Assigned task
We were faced with a difficult task. Initially, the client had no technical task, no idea what photos for posters he needed. But we love such tasks, and we are happy to take on them. We discussed everything with the client, made a detailed brief, selected good models, selected various lighting options and clothing on the models. We took a lot of photos with different emotions. And in the end, we got exactly what the client needed, he was very satisfied! We hope for further cooperation.

We conducted an audit, and made a brief.


Next, we started the selection of models.


In the end, we printed out these posters.

Completion time
October 15, 2020
Total price
$ 25,000
“FASHN®” store chain
Results of work
Client feedback
“I want to say a huge thank you to the ZOE team of photographers. The guys in a short time and very efficiently helped me with the development of creative posters for my new advertising. The stated price corresponds to the quality of performance, I can safely recommend them to everyone!”
Joe Roberts
Creative Director “Moda”
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