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SEMBATCH ABSORB Dessicant masterbatch based on polyolefin PE, PP, Rubber and PVC applications
SEMBATCH 200 Processing aid for LDPE film. It increases mechanical properties of the film and also it reduces using of white masterbatch. LDPE film applications
SEMBATCH Ba Based on polyolefin. SEMBATCH Ba provides dimensional stability, sound insulation and hardening for thermoplastic applications Pipe applications
SEMBATCH Br Breatable Film Masterbatch It used to breathable diaper back sheets, feminine hygiene products, industrial protective garments, construction film, roofing membrane, housewrap.
SEMBATCH NON-BR Density regulator of cavitaded films NON BR Films
SEMBATCH PA-1 Prosses aid. Especially a synergistic effect when used in applications homopolymer PP applications and it is suitable for other thermoplastic application. SEMBATCH PA-1 used increase in MFR, viscocity, tensile strenght and elongation value of the endproduct howeveri it helps to increase the impact strength.
SEMBATCH IM-P Masterbatch of using as impact modifier Injecton molding for PP and PE applications
SEMBATCH 125-T It is based on a polyolefin resin. It increases the elastic modulus of the product, ease the process and gives rigidity to the material. Buckets, bigbags, sewage pipes, whitegoods, pureless pipes, white goods, garden furnitures, bathroom furniture, household appliances, pool equipments, toy industry, injection moulding.
SEMBATCH OB Optical brightener based on polyolefin. It is used to enhancement whiteness and brightness value. Thermoplastic applications
SEMBATCH OB-1B Optical brightener based on polyolefin. It is used to enhancement whiteness and brightness value. Thermoplastic applications
SEMBATCH LUB-15 Lubricant and mold realse masterbatch SEMBATCH-LUB 15 provides superior and permanent lubricated surfaces to plastic products. When used in injection molding it acts as an internal lubricant improving polymer flow and provides easy mold release for intricate parts.
SEMBATCH LUB-50 Mold release masterbatch for extrusion process, provdies ease of flow on the materials that diffucult processing as LLDPE. It removes traces resulting from flow problems that can occur on the surface of the product. It prevents eaves of molding output. Extrusion and injections applications.
SEMBATCH LUB100 Antistatic masterbatch based on polyolefin PE, PP, PS injection applications.

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