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Typical Applications

Injection molding(thermoform) ,corrugated pipes, blown molding bottles, low pressure pipes, crates, t-shirt bags.

Product Data

Carrier Resin - - Polyolefin
Melt Flow Rate ASTM D 1238-10 (190°C-10 kg) gr/10 dk 0,7-6
Density ASTM D 792 (23°C) gr/cm³ 1,86±0,04
Ash Content ASTM D 5630 (600°C- 40 dk.) % 80±3
Moisture Content Internal Method (135°C) % ≤0.03
Color - - White
Particle Size Malvern µ D(10) D(10)
Distribution Mastersizer µ D(50) D(50)
(CaCO3) 2000 µ D(98) D(98)
Food Regulation
Sempol 120E Series are suitable for food contact applications. For detailed information, please contact the Semerkand Plastic Sales Office.

Storage & Handling
Sempol 120E Series should be stored in a manner that avoids direct exposure to sunlight and heat. The storage area should also be dry. Semerkand Plastic does not provide a warranty for quality deterioration that is a result of faulty storage conditions.

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